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Can we please start a fund to help this poor soul afford some clothes

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the strokes


The Strokes

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But I don’t feel afraid, as long as I gaze on Waterloo Sunset.

I am in paradise…
Every day I look at the world from my window, but chilly, chilly is the evening time, Waterloo sunset’s fine.

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someone shoot me



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make up


Match #178

Picture by Debora Barnaba for Vulture Magazine, make up by Tonia Calzerano | Red Sky in Marana by Mike Olbinski

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Wilhelm Gause, Ball der Stadt Wien (1904)
I’ll try anything once, The Strokes (2006)
insp (x)

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Human Sadness
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i love him so much
    There is no one that will be harder on Julian Casablancas than Julian Casablancas. Throughout the conversation, he refers to the “dead air” that precedes an answer he gives. He will stop speaking abruptly and declare his answers boring, and he will trip over himself in his general manner—and it’s helplessly endearing. There is also a profound division between the Julian Casablancas on the record and the one who converses while the tape recorder is off. He is an interested subject, but seemingly more interested in not being a subject. When he is not on the record, he’s curious and complimentary, and our conversation runs the gamut from shiitake mushrooms to nail polish. “Put a microphone in front of me…” he trails off, noting his own discomfort. Ironically, that’s what got him here in the first place
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ian curtis

Ian Curtis, Joy Division

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charli xcx
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zachary robinson


zachary robinson

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he has his label donate 10% of profit to the robin hood foundation to end poverty in nyc…julian’s tugging at my heart strings

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the rhythm is for you but the song is for me,
the meaning might be secret but the melody is free

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